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March 29, 2010

How I started

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I am a professional MMA fighter. My record is 7-2. My most recent fight was a win over Markhaile Wedderburn at TFC 10: High Octane on March 19.

I started my athletic career as a wrestler with the University of Alberta. I had spent a couple years before fight training with some good friends and when I started university I took the opportunity to join the wrestling team.

I entered university specializing in physics. I wanted to be a researcher, an academic. All the classes I took were more challenging than I could have hoped for and the student lifestyle was fun and exciting. I saw myself spending the rest of my life around universities studying and teaching. So when I started wrestling, I did thinking that wrestling was going to be just a hobby I did on the side to relieve stress, keep in good shape, and get involved in university life outside the classroom.

As challenging as my classes were, wrestling was far tougher. I had spent a lot of time in the weight room and fighting with my friends. I was big and strong and thought I was pretty tough. The other athletes in the wrestling room had either wrestled at the CIS level or had come from years wrestling in high school. I would get beat up every day by everyone. I loved it.

I started the year doing 3 practices out the fives the team did every week. By the end of the year I never missed a practice. By my last year I was regularly placing in tournaments.

My last year, I was doing fine in school but  I was never going to be a researcher. I spent more time training than I did studying. While I was winning wrestling matches, it was my last year and I wasn’t going to win any big championships. I had been spending my summers doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a club in Sherwood Park.

The coach, Kyle Cardinal, had trained MMA fighters and with Travis Galbraith was starting a fight team. I started with them and a group of guys getting ready for their first fights.  A few months later, it was me getting ready.

People often ask me why I fight, or what made want to start. I don’t have a good answer. I was just trying out a few different sports and by the time I considered whatd I was doing I was walking into a cage looking to beat the piss out of some kid.

It’s been the same way for every fight. I train everyday because I like it. Every now and then some asks if I want to fight an in upcoming event.

Sure. It’ll be fun.


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